The Caveman

How Moving Forward In Change applies to the current requirements At Caveman Astronomy. Mr. Adamic is the original caveman likeness upon which the site graphics were designed. He currently holds no responsibilities other than cavemanastronomy spokes model.

Notes from Mr. Adamic:
After a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, I decided to let my hair grow and donate it to women with cancer in a program set up by Pantene called “The Kindest Cut of All.” Astronomy and growing wig hair for cancer patients is somewhat linked. Light pollution is bad for astronomers. When you look up at the night sky in a light polluted area -and almost all people live in a light polluted area- you cannot really enjoy all the beauty of our space in this universe. Light pollution is bad for women because it has been linked to breast cancer (see the write up here)  …So you could say light pollution has ben proven to be bad for more than half the people on earth.

I rode this bicycle, slash human powered telescope delivery system to one of the Chicago Astrofests 2009.

At that point, I had a full beard, and the hair on my head was well below my shoulders. Some said I should try getting an acting job dragging a cross, others said that I should paint a swastika on my forehead. All suggestions were taken in jest, but I think I’d rather have a halo around my head than blisters on my fingers.

Then a friend took a picture of me and said,

“I am going to make a t-shirt of you with the caption: “So easy a caveman could do it.”

I laughed,

He did,

and Caveman Astronomy was born.

The original caveman astronomy bike is well… star-powered I guess… Solar panels and a dynamo power the GPS, cellphone, ipod, netbook, lights, horn and biometrically controlled directional and arbitrary high velocity multiple blast EHV (high voltage) stun gun weapons systems. The telescope has its own solar power system built into the case that allows the Celestron Nexstar 4SE to find stars automatically and run indefinitely without access to outside electricity. It is a truly self contained travelling system for highly functional, secure, autonomous, medium range, pedal powered astronomy. Or something. The telescope and trailer is for sale by the way, weaponized for an additional fee. More information here

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