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Chief Science Editor Caveman Astronomy
Chief Science Editor
Clark Hostraddler
Clark is a native of Blayden on Tyne, England and is a member of the Board of Scientific Research at the Greater London School of Astronomical Study. He has been awarded the highest honor in astrophysics, the Newtonian Field Prize, and has qualified as advanced research fellow in the Queens governing body concerning astronomy and its elements, a position created to reward his contributions in the field of interplanetary dark objects. He is currently engaged in the study of NEO (Near Earth Object) radii and flight path and believes he will posses a definitive confirmation of the probability of an imminent KT event within the next 15 years.

Dark Skies Editor Caveman Astronomy
Dark Skies EditorJonathan Polk
Mr. Polk is an American mechanical engineer who has developed new shading designs that allow for a reduction in the escape velocity of non-directional light originating from common lighting structures that actually increase the photon output of standard light through reflective onimosity, a process he named and developed. He has appointed leaders in the IDA International Dark Sky Association and continues to drive legislation through his Common Dark Sky Lobby in the United States Congressional houses with hopes to leverage those wins to other industrialized world governments in an effort to mandate dark sky friendly design requirements in municipal outdoor sun starved illumination sites.

Worldwide Events Coordinator Caveman Astronomy
Worldwide Events CoordinatorArcturas Cerpikaete
Following his namesake, Lithuanian born Arcturas Cerpikaete is an avid astro-events coordinator and was solely responsible for creating the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) through his efforts at the United Nations on behalf of key officials assigned to the project from Nairobi Kenya. He approves all events thorough feeds from individual city updates offered by CavemanAstronomy’s local event coordinators.

Astrophotography and Imaging Editor
Astrophotography & Imaging Lance Forgronstein
Lance has led the world in the development of SBIG array mathematics and deep sky imaging. His designs are in use today in both the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes. His images have been featured on the cover of Time, US News and World Report, and Martha Stewart’s, Living. He is currently living in the South of Australia near Mt. Arapiles where he runs ANNO. (the Australian National Natimuk Observatory)

Cecil Vaughn
Mr Vaughn handles social events and entertainment for the staff and events where cavemanastronomy makes an event appearance or promotional give-away’s.

Webmaster Caveman Astronomy
WebmasterThomas Callaghan
Mr. Callaghan is a Process Expert in Systems Configurations who can and has developed high tech coded & plug-in software solutions with Internet and Information Technology library mastery for fortune 500 companies in the Chicagoland area. He is proven and tested in Software validation and program testing in Contracts Management, Business Analysis, BW reporting with SAP’s SD module CRM e-Commerce website Proposal configuration tool and Deployment Engineer installation solutions in the specific SAP Portal, SAP CRM, and SAP R/3 systems. Experienced and Tested over ten years in the United States Software Development and High Tech connectivity backbone enabling manufacturing facilities. He delivers on time with high customer satisfaction.

Spokes Model Caveman Astronomy
Another CavemanDavid Adamic
How Moving Forward In Change applies to the current requirements At Caveman Astronomy. Mr. Adamic is the original caveman likeness upon which the site graphics were designed. He currently holds no responsibilities other than cavemanastronomy spokes model. more

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